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The Colosseum - Rome

The Colosseum - Rome

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World famous, the Colosseum, built by order of the emperor Vespasian and completed during the rule of his son Titus, is one of the grandest monuments of ancient Rome.

The outer wall of the amphitheater preserves the four floors of the reinforced concrete structure; In the lower three stands are the rows of arches, and in the fourth, small rectangular windows.

The seats were made of marble and the staircase or grandstand was divided into three parts, corresponding to the different social classes: the podium, for the upper classes; the meaniana, a sector destined for the middle class; and the porches for the commoner and the women. The imperial podium was on the podium and was flanked by seats reserved for senators and magistrates.

Above the walls can still be seen the support bases of the canvas cover grid designed to protect the viewers from the sun. To avoid problems in the exits of the shows, the architects designed eighty exit staircases. In less than three minutes, the Colosseum could be completely evacuated. Its stands had a capacity of 80,000 people.

The Colosseum in Rome

Rome Coliseum, interior.

The Colosseum in Rome was built on the lake of Nero's house, Domus Aurea, and became known as the Colosseum (Colosseum) because the giant statue (colossus) of the emperor was found there.

The story goes that gladiators fought in the arena and that the Colosseum was the place where Christians were thrown to the lions. For the inauguration, just eight years after construction began in 80 AD, the festivals and games lasted 100 days, during which 9,000 animals and 2,000 gladiators died.

The activities of the Colosseum ended in 523 AD, but the space remains charged with a mysterious climate and symbol of the Roman Empire and the eternal city.