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Origins of humanity, Creationism

Origins of humanity, Creationism

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You must have been curious about how the human species came about on the planet we live on, right? This curiosity is not yours alone. Many researchers and scientists have been studying to find out how the origin of the human being on Earth came about.

The more science develops, the more advanced the scientific resources these researchers can use. They are able to find new possibilities to explain human origin. Thus, as a puzzle, each new discovery completes our knowledge of the subject.

Among the various explanations for the appearance of the human being on Earth, two stand out for the wide debate they provoked: the creationism, advocated by Jews and Christians, and the evolution theory.

The creation

For a long time, idealistic sages held the theory of the unbridgeable boundary between man and animals. This conception was based on the biblical myth of God's creation of man, who would have done it "in his own image and likeness."

The question of the origins of man leads to a wide debate in which philosophy, religion and science come into play to construct different conceptions about the existence of human life and, implicitly, why we are the only specimen with characteristics that set us apart from the rest. of the animals.

From the earliest mythical-religious manifestations, man seeks an answer to this question. In this context, creationist theory has the most acceptance. At the same time, contrary to what many think, the different religions of the world have developed their own version of creationist theory.

Greek mythology attributes the origin of man to the achievement of the Titans Epimetheus and Prometheus. Epimetheus would have created lifeless men, imperfect and made from a mold of clay. Out of compassion, his brother Prometheus resolved to steal the fire of the Vulcan god to give life to the human race. Chinese mythology, on the other hand, attributes the creation of the human race to the loneliness of the goddess Nu Wa, who, realizing her shadow under the waves of a river, decided to create beings in her likeness.
Christianity adopts the Bible as an explanatory source for the creation of man. According to the biblical narrative, man was conceived after God created heaven and earth. Also made from clay, man would have come to life when God breathed the breath of life into his nostrils. Other contemporary and ancient religions formulate other explanations, some of which have quite similar points of explanation.

Michelangelo's painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican Palace in 1510, representing God's creation of man in his image and likeness.


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