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Rock art

Rock art (or parietal) consists of paintings and engravings made on the rock (outdoors or, more often on the walls and ceilings of caves) by Upper Paleolithic man. Most of the time, wild animals and hunting scenes are represented. Negative human hands are also often found while human representations are very rare. According to most historians rock art would be a form of symbolic manifestation or practices of magic and witchcraft: the representation of animals that were usually hunted would aim to make the hunts successful. The main rock art centers are located in France in the Pyrenees region and in Spain in the Levante region (the most famous sites are the Lascaux and Niaux caves in France and Altamira in Spain. Alentejo and the open-air engravings in the Côa Valley Along with the female figurines and animal head sculptures (so-called movable art), rock art constitutes the first form of artistic manifestation of man.

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