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Letter from John Dobler to Parents (1 of 4)

Letter from John Dobler to Parents (1 of 4)

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This is page one of a letter from John Dobler to his parents, written while he was undergoing pilot training somewhere in the United States.

So you didn’t know what
happened to me, Boy it sure did,
they set me out in a ?.
?? till about the first
of October, > get a 14 day leave
then, and then go overseas I guess
I’ll fly a 24 across. Here all
you do is learn combat methods,
working together as a crew, gunnery
and bombing, and there is plenty
of room to practice with damaging
anyone or anything. Have a very
nice ? of fellows in the crew
The co-pilot Steve Burgess is from
St. Louis, Mi? the bombardier
from Chicago, Robertson the
Radio operator from Kentucky, Vaughan
the Engineer from Tenessee, they haven’t
assigned me any gunners or a

Many thanks to Julie Harrison, John Dobler's niece, for sending us this photo.

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