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Caleb Powers was born in Williamsburg, Kentucky, on 1st February, 1869. He studied at the University of Kentucky and Valparaiso University before attending West Point Military Academy (1890-91).

Admitted to the bar in 1894, Powers worked as a lawyer in Barbourville, Kentucky. A member of the Republican Party, Powers served as superintendent of public schools in Knox County (1894-99).

After the election of William Sylvester Taylor, Powers became his Secretary of State. Taylor's opponent in the election, William Goebel of the Democratic Party claimed the Republicans were guilty of ballot rigging. When Goebel challenged the result of the election, threats were made that if he won on appeal he would be assassinated.

William Goebel was given bodyguards but on 30th January, 1900, while Goebel was entering the State House, a gun was fired from the window of Powers' office. The bullet hit Goebel and he was taken to hospital and while receiving treatment it was announced that as a result of the investigation he was now the governor of Kentucky. However Goebel died of his wounds on 3rd February, 1900.

William Sylvester Taylor fled to Indiana and refused to return to face charges of conspiring to murder Goebel. Several men were arrested including Powers. Eventually Henry Youtsey and Jim Howard were convicted of murder while five others, including Powers, were found guilty of conspiracy. While in prison Powers wrote My Own Story(1905).

On 23rd April, 1909, the Republican Party governor of Kentucky, Augustus Everett Willson, pardoned Powers and William Sylvester Taylor for their involvement in the murder. had been found guilty of conspiracy.

Powers returned to politics and was three times elected to Congress (March, 1911 to March, 1919). He continued to live in Washington where he served as assistant counsel for the United States Shipping Board (1921-1932). Caleb Powers died on 25th July, 1932.

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Caleb Powers besuchte die 󶿾ntlichen Schulen seiner Heimat sowie das Union College in Barbourville. Danach studierte er an der University of Kentucky in Lexington und am Centre College in Danville. Au෾rdem war er Student an der Valparaiso University in Indiana und an der US-Militärakademie in West Point. Nach einem anschlie෾nden Jurastudium und seiner 1894 erfolgten Zulassung als Rechtsanwalt begann er in Barbourville in diesem Beruf zu arbeiten. Zwischen 1894 und 1899 war er Schulrat im Knox County.

Powers war Mitglied der Republikanischen Partei. Im Jahr 1899 wurde er als Nachfolger von Charles Finley zum Secretary of State von Kentucky gewählt. Nach einem Wahleinspruch musste er dieses Amt aber wieder aufgeben. Im Jahr 1900 kam es in Kentucky zu politischen Unruhen. Trauriger Höhepunkt der gewalttätigen Auseinandersetzungen war die Ermordung von Gouverneur William Goebel. Im Zusammenhang mit diesem Attentat wurde Powers als Drahtzieher verhaftet. Er wurde zun์hst in mehreren Prozessen zu einer lebenslangen Freiheitsstrafe verurteilt. Die folgenden acht Jahre verbrachte er im Gefängnis. Dort schrieb er sein Buch „My Own Story“. Im Jahr 1908 wurde er von Gouverneur Augustus E. Willson begnadigt.

Bei den Kongresswahlen des Jahres 1912 wurde Powers im elften Wahlbezirk von Kentucky in das US-Repräsentantenhaus in Washington, D.C. gewählt, wo er am 4. März 1913 die Nachfolge von Don C. Edwards antrat. Nach drei Wiederwahlen konnte er bis zum 3. März 1919 vier Legislaturperioden im Kongress absolvieren. In diese Zeit fielen der Erste Weltkrieg sowie die Ratifizierung des 16. und des 17. Verfassungszusatzes. Im Juni 1912 war Powers Delegierter zur Republican National Convention in Chicago, auf der Präsident William Howard Taft zur Wiederwahl nominiert wurde.

Im Jahr 1918 verzichtete Powers auf eine weitere Kandidatur. Er blieb aber in Washington und arbeitete seit 1921 bis zu seinem Tod am 25. Juli 1932 als Berater des United States Shipping Board. Er wurde in Barbourville beigesetzt.

Assassination of William Goebel

Powers was convicted of complicity in the assassination of Governor William Goebel in 1900. The prosecution charged that Powers was the mastermind, having a political opponent killed so that his boss, Governor William S. Taylor, could stay in office. Among his attorneys were R. C. O. Benjamin and Frank S. Black. He was sentenced to prison. An appeals court overturned Powers' conviction, though Powers was tried three more times, resulting in two convictions and a hung jury. Governor Augustus E. Willson pardoned Powers in 1908. Powers had served eight years in jail. While in prison, Powers authored the 1905 book My Own Story.

Weapons [ edit | edit source ]

Caleb weilds two katana one named Tsume and the other Kiba (Fang and Claw) Tsume is blue and Kiba is Red and he uses them with deadly accuracy and power, they are also incredably durable able to withstand his awesome strength aswell as The Blood Red Hell-Run.

Caleb carries 4 dual barreled flintlock pistols which he can uses effectivly but still prefers his swords they are highly stylised, other than appearence and obvious pwoer not much is known about them.

Caleb is no stranger to cheating and he carries a set of hidden knives in his sleeves and boots and is more than willing to use them.

Assassination of William Goebel [ edit ]

Powers was convicted of complicity in the assassination of Governor William Goebel in 1900. The prosecution charged that Powers was the mastermind, having a political opponent killed so that his boss, Governor William S. Taylor, could stay in office. Among his attorneys were R. C. O. Benjamin and Frank S. Black. He was sentenced to prison. An appeals court overturned Powers' conviction, though Powers was tried three more times, resulting in two convictions and a hung jury. Governor Augustus E. Willson pardoned Powers in 1908. Powers had served eight years in jail. While in prison, Powers authored the 1905 book My Own Story.


bebravecaleb on Powers

Terra’s inhabitants power comes from the heart. Faster it beats more power they are putting out

bebravecaleb on Powers

The only exception so far of a dimension that doesn’t have either is the world of (working title) Heroes.

bebravecaleb on Powers

Sometime in the future all inhabitants will lose the powers of karma and luminescence.

bebravecaleb on Powers

Terra technological advances depending on dimension will be weird. (FaO has amps advanced building architecture but no outside communication or tvs). (Akukami has modern day tech). (Night Owl very little technology age of knights and kings).

bebravecaleb on Powers

Terra’s inhabitants at one point in history will have the use of Karma (anything like fire, ice attacks) or Luminescence (stat buff increase like speed or power). Some inhabitants have both.

bebravecaleb added Powers to Terra rules i guess


Early Years and the Cabal [ edit ]

Caleb was born in western Texas in 1847. By the age of seventeen he was well known as a merciless gunfighter with a hunger for bloodshed. Seven years later he came across a burned-out homestead with a single occupant, a woman named Ophelia Price. She was completely mad when Caleb found her, but from what he could gather from her near incomprehensible ramblings, she and her husband were members of an evil cult called the Cabal, who worshipped the dark god Tchernobog. When her husband later tried to leave the Cabal they responded by torching their homestead, killing him as well as their young son. Ophelia blamed her husband for their plight.

Caleb was immediately taken by Ophelia's beauty and took her under his protection. She became Caleb's doorway to the cult as well as his lover. He and she rose through the ranks to become two of the Chosen—the elite servants of Tchernobog. Along with Ishmael and Gabriel, the four Chosen served the dark god well, preparing for the day when He would take over the world, although earning the ire of others high in the cult like Cheogh, ruler of the gargoyles.

Betrayal and Revenge [ edit ]

Sometime after 1871, Tchernobog summoned the four Chosen to The Hall of the Epiphany, His main chamber. Caleb and the others thought that they were to be given orders. Instead, Tchernobog tells them that they have failed Him, and proceeds to disavow them. The four stand stunned as Tchernobog sends in his lieutenants to take the Chosen out one by one. Shial descends from a thread of silk and takes Gabriel off into the darkness. Cerberus bursts Ishmael into flames and consumes him. Lastly, Cheogh swoops out of the black and kidnaps Ophelia. Tchernobog casts Caleb into a bottomless pit, telling him to "consider [His] power, in a hollow grave".

In 1928, Caleb awakens to find himself entombed inside a mausoleum in the Morningside Cemetery. Armed initially with only a pitchfork, he fights his way through a long and bloody quest to retrieve the other three Chosen and find some answers. He first makes his way to the Altar of Stone, where he finds Ophelia crucified and deceased on a slab of rock. Cheogh attacks, but Caleb defeats him and cremates Ophelia's corpse. Next, Caleb heads to the frozen north to seek out Shial, whose lair can be found deep within the bowels of the Earth near the arctic circle.

After defeating the spider queen he finds Gabriel within a cocoon, dead. Caleb plucks out his heart and consumes it in order to gain its power, but not before apologizing to his "old friend" in advance. After that, Caleb travels to France, during the middle of an unexplained bombing raid. He moves through several civilized areas, including a bank, a morgue, a meat packing plant, a dam, and sewers until finally finding the lava-filled cavern where Cerberus makes its home. Caleb kills Cerberus after finding no trace of Ishmael, and moves on to other areas, eventually finding a large temple, which leads to the organic entryway to the Hall of the Epiphany.

There, Tchernobog reveals to Caleb that He killed the other Chosen in order to ensure that Caleb would return, seeking vengeance, with the strength of each life he had taken making Caleb stronger than Tchernobog "ever could have wished". With this power, Tchernobog will "throw open the doors between the worlds and inherit the Earth". However, Caleb defeats Him (and the reincarnations of His former lieutenants) in battle, and evades the Hall after killing one last annoying Innocent or unarmed Cabalist in the temple.

Scroll Searching [ edit ]

Caleb travels to the Carpathian mountains after he hears of an ancient scroll that was taken from him. This scroll is said to be capable of upsetting the balance of power in the otherworld, but Caleb finds himself detoured by the Cabal. Fighting through such places as a dock, monastery, library, graveyard, opera house and even a steamboat, Caleb eventually ends up in a castle where, after taking a teleporter to the otherworld, he finds where the scroll is being held. After defeating the Lord of All Nightmares, Caleb takes the scroll for his own use.

The Beasts [ edit ]

After the defeat of Tchernobog, Caleb learns that the Cabal are training a new rank of Chosen. Caleb starts in a shopping plaza and migrates to several temples, killing every last Cabal member he finds along the way, and interrupting some kind of unearthly ceremony that the cultists were performing. He then enters a large area meant as a training ground where he finds several red-robed cultists, the Chosen-in-training, who he destroys along with their stone beast forms.

1928 to 2028 [ edit ]

After the events of Blood and its various expansions little is known of Caleb's doings. Gideon says in cut parts of his introduction to Blood II that Caleb tooled around the world, doing relatively little with his time. However, the Blood II instruction manual and associated propaganda also states that he is still striving for leadership of the Cabal and to resurrect his beloved Ophelia, as well as the other Chosen.

CabalCo and The Ancient One [ edit ]

By the year 2028 the Cabal had reorganized themselves as the monopolistic mega-corporation CabalCo, under the watchful eyes and visionary leadership of Gideon, a man who was groomed for the role. The Cabal regained their quest for world domination, almost totally controlling the world through both economic and political power. Despite this, Gideon still felt unsatisfied as long as Caleb, the Great Betrayer, continued to walk the Earth. Whether due to his pride or because he wanted to assert total control over the Cabal, Gideon seeks Caleb out, throwing all of his vast resources against him.

Gideon seizes control of a train that Caleb is riding on, starting a cat and mouse chase that eventually leads to the Lafayette Museum of Antiquities, where Gideon attempts to destroy Caleb with a Singularity Generator. The weapon fails, and instead brings back Gabriel (now Gabriella - "it's a long story"), who later disappears through the same vortex. This causes the fabric of reality to begin to unbind, already weakened due to the fact that Tchernobog, the maintainer of the realities, is dead. This allows creatures like the Shikari and Bone Leech to enter our world from a different reality, bringing havoc in their wake.

Caleb pursues Gideon throughout New Town, invading several CabalCo buildings, such as a meat-packing plant, a water treatment facility, and a Cabal Safehouse. Along the way, Gideon tries to use the Singularity Generator on Caleb again, unwittingly bringing back Ishmael. Gideon manages to escape, and Ishmael tries to convince Caleb that he has in fact inherited the power of Tchernobog and that he must use it to seal the ever growing rifts. Caleb ignores him and instead continues his pursuit of Gideon. Ishmael also later informs him that Gideon is holding a resurrected Ophelia at his temple, stating that she was actually the first to come through the rifts into this reality.

At CabalCo Headquarters, Caleb fights his way past the security checkpoint and a power station, and reaches the temple where Ophelia is being forcibly held against her will. Gideon manages to to whisk her away before Caleb can rescue her, causing him to once again become enraged and continue his pursuit of Gideon. They finally confront each other on the rooftops of CabalCo Headquarters, where an epic battle ensues. Gideon escapes through a portal to the other reality and Caleb, against the advice of Ophelia, follows him through.

In the other reality, the exit point for the rifts, Caleb travels through several ancient tribal structures, until he finally catches up with Gideon again in an abandoned temple. Gideon changes into a giant spider and engages Caleb in a final battle to the death. Caleb ends up the victor, eventually wandering into an ornate arena featuring three tombs, each containing one of the Undead Chosen, skeletal forms of his former comrades. These corpses speak for The Ancient One, the invader of our reality, uttering threats and other forms of intimidation, which Caleb ignores.

He dispatches the undead forms of his companions and finds the lair of their controlling master, a large squid-like beast, whom he defeats in combat. The other Chosen then catch up with Caleb, with Ishmael warning him that he has no other choice but to use his power to seal the rifts or all of reality will perish. Caleb finally gives in, and waves his arms as focus power flows out from inside him. The screen then displays a textual epilogue:

"Does Caleb really close the rift? Does Ophelia get her two-minutes of gift? What the heck happened to Gabriel. er, Gabriella? What if Ishmael can't get home? And, where did he get those tattoos? Tune in next time on: As 'It burns, it burns'. Enjoy these answers and more soon. we promise."--Blood II: The Chosen epilogue

Encounter with The Nightmare [ edit ]

Gideon acts as narrator, telling how he is now a ghost trapped inside his skull. Caleb and the other Chosen, still stuck in the other reality, are trying to get home the only way they know how - by walking. They stop to make a campfire and pass the time telling scary stories, something which attracts the attention of The Nightmare, an ancient psychic monster resembling a giant undead dog. Caleb tells about his time in the frozen north, seeking Shial in the bowels of the Earth, when he is suddenly sucked through a portal and actually finds himself replaying the incident he was previously describing.

The others, nonplussed by Caleb's disappearance, continue telling their own stories. At the end of each, Caleb appears and tries his best to figure out what is going on before disappearing again. After Gabriella's story is finished, he wonders where he will "be whisked off to next", as he is "all out of Chosen to visit". He eventually ends up in an old west ghost town, possibly based on or inspired by his own gunslinging past. Caleb eventually discovers an old mine shaft that leads to the lair of The Nightmare, who he promptly slays, ending his psychic journey. Nothing is known of what happens to Caleb, Gideon, or the other Chosen after this point, as this the end of the official Blood canon.

Who is Caleb in the Bible?

The story of Caleb, a faithful man of God, begins in the book of Numbers. After being delivered from bondage in Egypt, the Israelites were led by God to the border of the land of Canaan, a land “flowing with milk and honey” that God had promised they would inherit (Exodus 3:8, 17). Moses had chosen twelve men, one from each tribe, to scout the land before entering. Among them was Caleb, representing the tribe of Judah. The twelve men spied out the land for forty days and then came back to Moses. They reported that the land was indeed fruitful but its inhabitants were the mighty descendants of Anak. Terrified by the size and strength of the Canaanites, ten of the spies warned Moses not to enter Canaan (Numbers 13:23&ndash33).

Caleb silenced the murmuring, fearful men by saying, “We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it” (Numbers 13:30). Caleb took his stand because he followed the Lord wholeheartedly (Joshua 14:8&ndash9). Caleb knew of the promises of God to the Israelites, and, despite the evidence of his own eyes regarding the obstacles, he had faith that God would give them victory over the Canaanites.

Unfortunately, the people of Israel ignored Caleb and listened to the report of the other spies. They were so frightened that they wept all night and even wished they had died at the hands of their slave masters in Egypt (Numbers 14:1&ndash4). They turned on Caleb and Joshua (the spy from Ephraim) and wanted to stone them on the spot (Numbers 14:6&ndash10). God was exceedingly angry with the people and threatened to destroy them until Moses interceded for them. God relented, but He decreed that the people would wander in the wilderness until all of that faithless generation had died. But God said that “my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly” and gave him the promise that he would own all the land he had seen as a spy (Numbers 14:11&ndash24).

The Israelites wandered in the wilderness for forty years until all of that generation, except Joshua and Caleb, died (Numbers 14:29&ndash30). After the forty years of wandering and five more years of war within Canaan, Caleb was 85 years old yet he was as strong as ever and able to fight the same Anakites that had frightened his countrymen. His confidence was born out of his absolute faith in the promises of God (Joshua 15:13&ndash14).

Caleb’s territory in Canaan included “Kiriath Arba, that is, Hebron. (Arba was the forefather of Anak.) From Hebron Caleb drove out the three Anakites&mdashSheshai, Ahiman and Talmai, the sons of Anak. From there he marched against the people living in Debir (formerly called Kiriath Sepher)” (Joshua 15:13&ndash15). Othniel, a nephew of Caleb, captured Kiriath Sepher and was given Caleb’s daughter Aksah to wed (verses 16&ndash17). Later, Aksah asked her father to include some springs of water as part of her inheritance (verses 18&ndash19), and Caleb gave them to her. Later still, Othniel, Caleb’s son-in-law, became Israel’s first judge (Judges 3:7&ndash11).

From the accounts of the life of Caleb, we see a faithful man who trusted God to fulfill His promises when others allowed their fears to override their small faith. Even into his later years, Caleb remained steadfast in his faith. God blessed Caleb for his faithfulness and patience, an encouragement to us to believe God. Like Caleb, we should be prepared to follow God in every circumstance, patiently waiting for Him to fulfill His promises and ready to take action when the time is right.

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