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Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur

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French chemist and microbiologist (27/12 / 1822-28 / 9/1895). Creator of the rabies vaccine. Born in Dôle, eastern France, she is a primary and secondary student in the cities of Arbois and Besançon. Dedicated to painting in youth and graduated in arts in 1840.

He then moves to Paris and will study chemistry and physics at the Higher Normal School. Graduated in 1847, he teaches at schools in Strasbourg, Lille and Paris. In 1867 becomes professor of Sorbonne University and researches the diseases of the silkworm.

Discover through them that putrefaction and fermentation are caused by microorganisms, which drives the study of contagious diseases. In an 1881 experiment conducted with his collaborators Chamberland and Roux, he shows that sheep and cows inoculated with the attenuated bacillus bacteria are protected against the disease.

He developed anti-rabies and cholera vaccines in 1885. In 1888 he inaugurated the Pasteur Institute, dedicated to biochemical studies, in Paris, where he works until his death.