Air masses

Air masses

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Air mass is the most dynamic factor in the climate of a region. As for temperature, air masses can be hot or cold and, for humidity, continental or marine.

Fronts These are the contact zones between air masses with different characteristics.

Image demonstrating air masses

As for temperatures, they are divided into:

  • Hot (equatorial and tropical);
  • Cold (polar).

As for origin, they are specific:

  • Continentals;
  • Seafarers (They are called oceans).

Air masses in Brazil

Due to its continental dimension, all the masses responsible for the climatic conditions in South America act in Brazil, directly or indirectly. The masses that interest us most are:

  • Atlantic Equatorial (m Ea) = hot and humid
  • Continental Equatorial (m Ec) = hot and humid
  • Atlantic Tropical (m Ta) = hot and humid
  • Tropical Continental (m Tc) = hot and dry
  • Atlantic Polar (m Pa) = cold and wet

Air masses acting in Brazil