Southern Region Climate

Southern Region Climate

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With the exception of northern Paraná, where the tropical climate predominates, in this region the predominant climate is subtropical, responsible for the lowest temperatures in Brazil.

In central Paraná and the highlands of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, winter tends to record temperatures below freezing, with the onset of frost and even snow in some municipalities.

The average annual temperature is between 14 and 22 ºC, and in places with altitudes above 1,100 m, it drops to approximately 10 ºC. The average of the maximums remains around 24 to 27 ºC in the highest surfaces of the plateau and, in the lower areas, between 30 and 32 ºC. In winter, the average temperature fluctuates between 10 and 15 ºC in most of the region.

The average of the highs is also low, around 20 to 24 ºC in the great valleys and the coast, and 16 to 20 ºC in the plateau. The average of the minimum ranges from 6 to 12 ºC, being common for the thermometer to reach temperatures near 0 ºC until negative indexes, due to the invasion of the polar masses.

Regarding rainfall, the annual average ranges between 1,250 and 2,000 mm, except on the coast of Paraná and west of Santa Catarina, where the values ​​are over 2,000 mm, and in northern Paraná, with values ​​below 1,250 mm.