Cultural Aspects of the Southern Region (continued)

Cultural Aspects of the Southern Region (continued)

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The handicrafts of the Southern Region are quite diverse and influenced by various ethnicities. In Paraná, some objects that are widely accepted preserve the characteristics and typicality of these ethnic groups, such as peaches (Ukrainian), and origami, kirigami, oshibana and ikebana (Japanese). Also noteworthy are wood crafts, ceramic and natural fiber weaving.

Peaches (Ukrainian) produced in Paraná

In Santa Catarina, handicrafts are strongly influenced by the German and Italian colonizers. We highlight the painting techniques and the manufacture of porcelain, wood carvings, sculptures and ceramic works.

Craftswoman - Wood Carving / SC

The characteristic handicraft of Rio Grande do Sul is represented by the culture and habits of the pampa. Among the materials used in artisan work is cowhide as the main component of handcrafted products such as knife sheaths, harnesses, harnesses, boots, guaiacas, rump bags, as well as home furnishings such as the braided leather ballast of the beds and the seats and backrests of the chairs.

Also noteworthy is sheep wool, which as a raw material is the most representative of the Rio Grande do Sul winter crafts, being the basis for making blankets, warm clothing, tapestry and decoration of environments. We can also highlight the bowl of chimarrão, typical drink, made from the fruit of porongueiro, porongo.

Gaucho Craft Products


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