Cultural Aspects of the Northeast Region (continued)

Cultural Aspects of the Northeast Region (continued)

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Typical parties

June parties

June festivals take place in June and are the main representative festivals of northeastern culture. Celebrated with typical dances such as the gang and forró, flags, balloons and fireworks pay homage to the Catholic saints Saint Anthony (13/06), Saint John (24/06) and Saint Peter (29/06).

June Festival in the northeast

The foods of corn and coconut are typical of the time, among them the hominy, the mush, the corn cake, the stew made with cassava pasta, the roasted corn, the boiled corn, the quentão, among others.

Typical foods served in June parties

The city of Caruaru, in the state of Pernambuco, is considered the capital of forró, and the city of Campina Grande in Paraíba is recognized for holding the largest São João in the world.

June party - Campina Grande receives 100 thousand people per night


It is a Catholic festival that celebrates the visit of the Magi to the baby Jesus. This festival is part of the culture of the northeast, being celebrated in some states, including Alagoas and Piaui. Reisado or Folia dos Reis gathers a group of revelers who, dressed in typical clothes, adorned with ribbons and mirrors, visit the homes of hospitable people, dancing and singing the typical songs of the party.

Reisado revelers, typical northeast party