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Headless mule

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The legend of the Headless Mule is of unknown origin and is evident throughout Brazil. According to the regions, it undergoes some changes, especially in the name, becoming, for example, Woman of Priest, Mule of Priest, Black Mule, among others.

It is not known exactly how the first case arose, but according to researchers it would be the result of a way of thinking, behaving and acting typically related to the Catholic Church, because in its origin the creature would be the result of a sin (manners, customs). , principles and conduct of the Catholic Church). This is because it would be the result of what happened to all women who had a loving relationship with a priest, which we can deduce from many studies of this legend that women who attended church could never see the priest as a man, but as a "special creature," almost a saint, for he was living and living to preach the word of Jesus Christ, God and saints. If any woman thought of dating a priest, she would know she would become a headless Mule.

Some people swear they have seen the creature, and according to them the Headless Mule has the following characteristics: It is a brown or black mule; it has no head in its place but fire; has horseshoes in their hooves which may be of steel or silver; its neighing is very loud and can be heard for many meters and it is common to moan like a human being; It usually appears only at night, and especially Thursday or Friday, especially if it is a full moon night. According to Legend there are two ways to end the enchantment that made the woman become Headless Mule, the first consists of pulling a halter from her, the other way is to pierce her by drawing blood (at least one drop, with a virgin pin that was never used).


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